Sofia Leaders

Sofia; derived from “Σοφία” the Greek word for “Wisdom”.

Sofia Leaders are providers of unique leadership programs and retreats that have a deep emphasis on authenticity, self-realisation, power and meaning to oneself; to others and to our society.

Sofia Leaders is a practice that provides experiential educational programs and retreats that strengthen and develop individual and community leadership.

Our programs create a deeper understanding for participants of the relationship between self, others, and community.

Welcome, I’m Joanna Giannes the Founder and Principal Facilitator of Sofia Leaders

Sofia Leaders was created through a glaring gap in the provision of deep and holistic learning in leadership development.

My unique point of difference is providing learning experiences that draws and integrates multiple dimensions such as psychology, cross cultural anthropology and contemporary leadership with depth, insight and discipline.

For many years I worked as an Organisational Development professional with an emphasis on Leadership Development. This work has taken me across Australia working for multinationals in various corporate settings; mining, transport, health, finance, banking, education, aged care, resources, disability and retail.

Values, Vision and Mission

Our Values

We value the pursuit of; Wisdom, Compassion, Social Justice, Sustainability and Paideia

Our Vision

We envision a world where Wisdom, Compassion, Social Justice, Sustainability and Paideia is at the core of leadership development

Our Mission

To provide leadership programs and retreats that draw on timeless wisdoms, cross-cultural traditional practices and contemporary research for participants to Transform Oneself and Society



Sofia Leaders provides four unique offerings designed to educate, inspire and nourish your leadership journey.

We are specialist facilitators in Adult Learning and draw from an extensive array of techniques, theories and practices.

Joanna Giannes

Please contact me with any enquiries.

Phone: 0408 240 626


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