Sofia Leaders provides experiential and life affirming leadership programs to nurture wise leadership for the greater good

Drawing from multiple disciplines and learning designs participants are engaged and challenged to broaden their awareness of their behaviours, patterns and paradigms.

Mindful Leadership

Our Mindful Leadership program explores the core principles and practices of Mindfulness for new, emerging and accomplished leaders.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of mindfulness, including mindful contemplation and communication activities, how to cultivate focus, manage stress and integrate and harmonise head, body and heart.

Transformative Leadership

Positive Leadership Program

Our Positive Leadership program fuses the principals of Positive Psychology and the Positive Leadership Framework.

Participants will learn:

  • What is Positive energy and relational energy
  • The characteristics of positively energizing leaders
  • The heliotropic effect and its impact
  • How to deepen engagement and relationships with others
  • A deeper exploration of personal values
  • A courageous exploration of one’s behaviour and impact on organisational culture.

All programs can be delivered on site or in our specially selected learning venues.

Transformative Leadership

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The Four Ways reflect a pervasive belief that life will be simple if we practice four basic principles: Show up or choose to be present, Pay attention to what has heart and meaning, Tell the truth without blame or judgement, and Be open rather than attached to the outcome.” Angeles Arrien